APRIL 27 - MAY 4, 2019





During this week of sailing and island hopping, we will have a variety of fun activities for children and families, ranging from swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving (aged 10 and up). Get ready to compete in sailing races and several more exciting competitions. Explore the islands and sightsee the beautiful architecture, culture and nature that Greece has to offer. Spend this week making new friends amongst your sailing mates, relax and enjoy the delicious dinners, BBQ, and parties.

The First Place Winner of the Sailing Race of our festival will receive the unique prize of a free boat rental for next year’s Sailways Festival 2020 (Participation Fees excluded).

In addition to your boat rental, there is a Participation Fee of €75 per individual.
What’s included:

Snorkeling equipment will be provided.
Our special BBQ at Dokos beach.
Participation for the sailing race.
Specialized staff to conduct the sailing race.
Farewell Dinner with Award Ceremony.
Sailing Lessons with 2 instructors, Sokol Shehu and Fiori Dobi.

To distinguish you as a guest of Sailways Festival, you will receive a special wristband that identifies you as such. This will give you special discounts and benefits at specific clubs and restaurants.

Marina Alimos

Marina Alimos


DAY 1 - Sail from Marina Alimos to Perdika Harbor, Aegina Island

Home to the Sailways Festival and your starting point, Marina Alimos is one of the largest marinas in Greece. It’s located conveniently next to a network of public transportation; trams, buses and taxis, and stations are within the walking distance of 500 meters of the marina. You may arrange transportation with us from the airport to the marina for an additional fee.

DAY 1 - 27/4 Saturday – Alimos Marina – Perdika Harbor

9AM - You can meet us at the Alimos Marina, Athens, in our Sailways office anytime from 9AM onwards. We will have a meeting with our skippers and your fellow sailing acquaintances.
2PM - We appreciate if the latest time you arrive to your collect your boat is 2PM. Punctuality is highly appreciated so we may all begin our journey together.
We recommend going grocery shopping before your trip to purchase anything you may need for your trip. If you are short on time this day, you have the option to pre-order your groceries through Sailways.
5-6PM - We plan to depart from Alimos Marina.
9PM - Arrive at Perdika Harbor on the beautiful island Aegina.
We invite you to an exciting evening where we celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter. Join us for a traditional Greek Easter dinner where we feast on our speciality Magiritsa, a delicious Greek Easter Soup made from lamb. Enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks at midnight to fully welcome Easter.

Fiori racing2.jpg

DAY 2 - Perdika Harbor, Aegina Island

Located on the South West coast of the beautiful island of Aegina, this will be your first stop in your journey around the Saronic Gulf. 

28/4 SUNDAY – Perdika Harbor
12PM - We will gather for a Skipper Meeting to explain the race and the route that we will be embarking on.
During lunch, we will be entertained by a traditional Greek dance for the Easter Celebration.
Spend your day relaxing on this gorgeous island, swimming in its crystal clear waters, strolling around the scenic streets and exploring the sights.


DAY 3 - Sail from Perdika Harbor to Hydra Island

Hydra boasts beautiful neoclassical houses that will give you a taste of Greece. Famous for its ban of automobiles; you can only visit the island on foot, or even by donkey.

29/4 MONDAY – Perdika to Hydra
8:30AM to 9:30AM - We will regroup for our daily Skipper Meeting.
10AM - Our first race begins, and the overall distance of the race from Perdika to Tsilivinia will be about 20nm.
We will race to our Finish Line at Tsilivinia Isle and go for a well-deserved swim, or go to our Finish Line at Mandraki, where we’ll splash about for a swim (our Finish Line location will depend on the incoming winds and weather).
Kick back and enjoy the enchanting sunset at Hydra island while sipping on some cocktails. For dinner, we will meet at a charming traditional Greek restaurant. And for those who have energy afterwards, we can meet for a drink and music at The Pirate Bar.


DAY 4 - Hydra Island to Dokos Island

Dokos Island’s unique charm lies in its rocky beaches and is mainly populated by the local monks and shepherds.

30/4 TUESDAY – Hydra - Dokos
10AM - Daily morning Skipper Meeting.
Because we won’t be docked in close proximity to shops and restaurants later in the night, we encourage you to spend the morning going grocery shopping, preparing your boats, and getting water for your boats.
Once we are ready, we will set sail to Dokos island.
Upon arriving at Dokos, we will host a BBQ on the beach and bask in the warm Greek sun. Expect an afternoon of fun with competitions, swimming, scuba diving and professional sailing lessons with our esteemed instructors, Sokol Shehu and Fiori Dobi. For those that choose to partake in Early Booking, you have the opportunity to attain a Sailing License during this sailing week. You will also have the opportunity to get a Scuba Diving license; Scuba Diving sessions have to be booked according to the schedule during the Skipper Meetings.


DAY 5 - Dokos Island to Poros Island

Poros Island used to consist of two islands, but after the explosion of the Méthana volcano in 273 BC, the morphology of the area was drastically changed. Poros eventually took on the shape of an amphitheater over two beautiful hills, perfect for a scenic walk and sightseeing neoclassical buildings.

1/5 WEDNESDAY – Dokos - Poros
8:30AM to 9:30AM - Daily Skipper Meeting.
10AM - We will begin our 2nd Race from Dokos to Poros island, and our route for the race will be a distance of roughly 20nm.
5PM - Finish line at Poros at Monastiri Bay, where we’ll enjoy the waters for a swim before we enter Poros’ harbor.
8PM - After completing the race, we will rest up and refresh ourselves to regroup for dinner. Once dinner is over, whoever believes the night is still young is welcome to join us for a party at the unique Joy Cocktail Bar.


DAY 6 - Poros Island to Russian Bay

Famous for its history, Russian Bay of Poros Island is where the first Russian ships docked to help the Greek Revolution against the Turkish. The Russian Bay beach lies 5 km from Poros Town. 

2/5 THURSDAY – Poros - Russian Bay
9AM - Daily Morning Skipper Meeting.
Spend the morning relaxing as you lounge around the beach on Russian Bay. Swim to your heart’s content and enjoy cooking lunch and dinner on your boat. You will have yet another opportunity to Scuba Dive and explore the waters.
Bring out your competitive spirit as we will host a variety of competitions for you to win. In addition to all this fun, our D.J Party boat will join us to help amp things up.


DAY 7 - Aegina Island to Marina Alimos, Athens

Aegina Island’s maritime importance dates back to 500 BC. The ruins of the temple of Apollo and Aphea. The legend has it that Aphaea escaped the sailors near the coast of Aegina and was last seen climbing the hill until she vanished and hence the name “Aphaea” meaning vanish in ancient Greek.

DAY 7 - 3/5 FRIDAY – Russian Bay - Agia Marina - Alimos Marina, Athens
On our last day of sailing, we will depart from Russian Bay and head to Agia Marina Bay at Aegina island to enjoy one final dip in the sea and soak up some sun. We will continue our journey to Alimos Marina, Athens.
6PM – Checkout your boat in Alimos Marina - but fear not, for the fun is not over just yet! We invite you to a farewell dinner in Athens where we will host an Award Ceremony for the races, and celebrate with ample amounts of music and dancing, so make sure to save some energy for that. After dinner, you are welcome to retire to your boat and spend one last night to rest on it.

DAY 8 - 4/5 SATURDAY – Alimos Marina, Athens
9AM - We thank you for your company during this amazing week of sailing as 9AM is the latest time to leave your boat.